With 16 historical display tables, four videos, music by Cheri Keaggy, an inspiring vision for the future—and chocolate frosted brownies for dessert—Pioneer Clubs’ 75th anniversary banquet on May 16 was truly a success!

Almost 225 people enjoyed the evening. We were excited to meet two women who had been Girls Guild members in 1939 and 1940. Grace Gathman and June Coray Willson (see photo below) were honored with bouquets of roses.

Tables with memorabilia from each decade of Pioneer Clubs’ history tracked our progress over the years. Many people pointed out the handbooks and uniforms they used as kids. The display tables showed Pioneer Clubs’ changes over the decades, from curriculum updates to expanded age-groups to the inclusion of boys. Yet it was clear that our core values have remained the same: Bible-based, Christ-centered, relationship-oriented. Christ in every aspect of a child’s life.

New President Brian Ondracek was installed and presented his goals for Pioneer Clubs, which honor our history and core values and look to the future. “Because every child matters to Christ, we want to do everything possible to help coming generations learn to follow Him in every aspect of life,” Brian says. “That includes continuing to develop great resources, establishing new ministry partnerships and helping churches that lack the financial resources to run a program like ours.  “We will find a way to lower costs to those churches and hope to raise a team of field missionaries to help those churches develop and grow a vibrant children’s ministry that touches the lives of children in both their church and community.”

Please join us in celebrating our exciting future! We need your support to make it happen.