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  • Arrange for the set up of your club room.
  • Review discipline procedures with your coordinator and co-leader (shop our online store – Club Coordinator Resources).
  • Consider having welcome information to send home with new club members or to give to their parents.
  • Plan several “get to know you” games so club members will feel more like a group. Play them over several club meetings.
  • Begin to get club members excited about any upcoming special events (Pumpkin Party, Thanksgiving, etc.) Have a club calendar or other information available. (shop our online store – Special Events)
  • Be sure to put in your award orders for the end of the unit awards. (shop our online store – Awards)
  • Consider sending an email or a note home with club members letting parents know all the exciting things you’ll be doing in club this month.
  • Make a list of club member prayer requests and share them with other leaders and your coordinator so that you can pray for the kids.

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  • Ask your pastor to dedicate club leaders during a worship service.
  • Conduct leader training.
  • Announce club in Sunday school and church services and use our “Join the Fun” new promo bulletin inserts/handouts, which are available FREE online.
  • Pioneer Clubs registration deadline is October 1. Go HERE to register TODAY.
  • Make sure you and your leaders are signed up for our FREE monthly Tips & Tools enewsletter.
  • Assign Pals to club members. (shop our online store – Club Coordinator Resources)
  • Add your club leaders to the church prayer list.
  • Inform parents of club goals, registration details and upcoming special events. Have a club calendar available online and to hand out.