Whether you are running a traditional Pioneer Club, a DELTA Club, a BOLT Club or a Discovery Club, promoting your club program makes a big difference! Plan to get the attention of your church and community this fall, draw in new club members and recruit club volunteers. Here are some creative ideas:

  1. Post an Outdoor Welcome Banner (Item #6700) in front of your church along with your club information. If you are using DELTA, post the DELTA Outdoor Welcome Banner (Item #6703).
  2. A fun fair or street party for the neighborhood is always a hit! One church found a Christian singer to entertain and improvised activities: For a dunk tank, one person climbed a ladder and dumped a bucket of water on the “dunkee’s” head when the dunkee was hit. A ring toss used rubber jar rings and penny candy. Sidewalk chalk drawing and cookie decorating were other quick ideas. Hand out brochures explaining about your club program, and have kids’ handbooks, club projects, and pictures on hand.
  3. Create brochures about your club and pass them out to kids in Sunday school. Include the names of Bible units and activity awards that kids will be working on this year. List special events. Include pictures from last year.
  4. For several weeks before your club kickoff, ask teaser questions in the church bulletin: “Where can kids wear crazy hats and learn how to use the Bible?” “What’s coming in three weeks where kids can pretend to get swallowed by a giant fish, make giant sundaes and learn about Jesus on the same day?” Answer the questions upside down: “It’s Pioneer Clubs/DELTA club/BOLT Club!” (Depending on which club you run)
  5. Order customizable door hangers (Item #6783) and/or posters (Item #6707) that tell when and where you clubs meet. Put the posters up in your church and community. If you are using DELTA, order the DELTA posters (Item #6708).
  6. Recruit teenagers or adults to give testimonies in Sunday services about how club made a difference for them. Feature one person a week in the weeks leading up to your kickoff.
  7. Make your kickoff event into a flyer for the information booth in the church lobby.
  8. Develop a club page for your church website. Community parents may be scanning local church websites for programs for their children. Include meeting schedules, ages and pictures of past special events. Link your website to www.pioneerclubs.org so interested parents can find out more.