Made for This: “…I raised you up… that My name may be declared in all the earth.” (Romans 9:17 NKJV)

Kids need to know what their purpose is. In club, you’re teaching them who God is and that He is worthy of being worshipped. Out of knowing who God is we want them to know that their job to share with others what they know; that God loves them and wants a relationship with each person in our world. Their purpose as a person is to declare who He is so everyone on earth can know Him. We get to talk about Him and build His reputation. That is why He has raised us up to talk about how to know Him and His love for us.

Weave the club year theme into your program this year. CLICK HERE to find a downloadable theme verse logo to use in all your club promotion and communications. CLICK HERE to view a lists of ideas for using the club theme in a Club Sunday worship service and for promoting your Club Sunday event. Under Promotion Ideas, you’ll find a plan for some fundraising events throughout the year to help raise money to fund a Spanish edition of Delta for Cuba and Mexico. It could be a great service project for your kids and help them connect with what God can do with their help in other parts of the world. It could help more kids declare the name of Jesus through club ministry.

More ideas:

  • Tell club members a way you have found to share with others who God is and what He has done for you.
  • Make “Made For This” bookmarks. Write “I declare” on one side and list qualities that make are special to you about who God is on the other side: powerful, loving, and so on.
  • Make a poster called “I declare to the world!” Draw an earth on it. Cut out a picture of a person from construction paper. Draw a face on the person with an open mouth. Put it at the top of the earth and then write things that you would say to declare who God is and what others might want to know about who God is.

Enjoy your new club year, with its emphasis on sharing with others in our world who God is and what He has done for us!
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