Cupid and Victims

Age-Group: Grade 3+
Number of Players: 8+

Make sure kids know that Cupid shoots his arrows into “victims” and makes them fall in love.

Use two balls for the victims and two pillows for the Cupids. Players stand in a circle, with four different players holding the Cupids and victims. At the signal, they pass the victims around the circle in opposite directions, while the Cupids are tossed across the circle, trying to hit players below the waist who are holding the victims. Victims may reverse direction. When 4-5 victims have “fallen in love,” start a new round.

—From Games Galore (Item #2724) Original name: Cats and Dogs.

Hugs, Kisses and Cupid

Age-Group: Any
Number of Players: Any

Call out various Valentine-related commands for kids to follow. The older they are, the more commands you can use and the faster you can call them out to try to confuse the kids. If they miss, they put their hands on their head for four more calls before playing again.


Hugs—make an O with your arms overhead, as in XOXO

Kisses—jumping jack position (as in XOXO!)

Flowers—hold hands out in front as if giving a bouquet of flowers

Candy—rub tummy

Heart—pound fist (gently) on chest

Love—fold hands, tilt head and give a gooey sweet smile

Cupid—mime shooting an arrow