What makes Camp Cherith unique?

//What makes Camp Cherith unique?

Camp Cherith® camps across the United States and Canada practice a basic philosophy — providing a Christ-centered, Bible-based outdoor program which results in total growth in a camper’s life and in deep appreciation of God’s creation. Round-the-clock Christian models for boys and girls make the Cherith® program a unique embodiment of the Pioneer Clubs theme: “Christ in every aspect of life.”


  • study God’s Word and have ample opportunities to discuss what they learn, find Christ, learn more about Him, and walk closer with Him. The underlying goal is to help campers learn to make Christ Lord in every aspect of life.
  • build relationships with one another, their counselor and other camp staff. A sense of community is established as campers live together in small cabin groups and relate to others in a variety of small-group and large-group activities.
  • have many opportunities to learn new skills, develop natural abilities, try new things and apply what they learn in a loving, safe and accepting environment. They learn to appreciate the uniqueness of others while gaining an individual sense of worth and purpose.
  • learn to enjoy and be comfortable in the outdoors and better appreciate the world God has provided for us.

All Camp Cherith® Bible camps are licensed by Pioneer Clubs and associated with Christian Camp and Conference Association. They are all members of and adhere to the standards of the American Camping Association or Canadian Camping Association.