Pioneer Clubs curriculum embraces four main goals:

1. Invite children into a personal relationship with Jesus and teach them to be students of God’s Word.

  • Faithfully share who Jesus is so that children have the opportunity to choose to follow Jesus, ask Him to be their Savior, and start the life-long journey of discipleship.
  • Teach children how to study the Bible and apply it to their everyday life so that they are prepared to be vibrant Christians making a difference in their church, community and the world.

2. Encourage children to develop life-changing relationships.

  • Help children recognize their need for relationships and learn to build them well with other children, adults and ultimately with Jesus.
  • Teach God’s design for the family and how children who follow Jesus need to interact with their families.

3. Support children as they become people of character with Biblical values and practical life skills.

  • Guide children in the development of Biblical values and character traits through Bible study and through learning to make personal choices that are guided by a Christian worldview.
  • Provide opportunities to learn a variety of life skills and achieve awards in order to deepen a sense of personal worth and value that reflects how God sees them.

4. Come alongside adults as they guide children to follow Christ in every aspect of their lives.

  • Through curriculum and supplementary materials, our children’s ministry resources will encourage the adult leader to stay on course in Christian theology, philosophy of ministry, education and values.
  • As adults work together in a supportive community and interact with Biblical teaching, they will continue to grow personally and spiritually by being involved with Pioneer Clubs. This will help them build life-changing relationships with children that model Jesus.

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