While Pioneer Clubs’ kids’ ministries are designed to nurture the spiritual development of children in your church, you will find it can also provide a great opportunity to reach kids and families in your community. Pioneer Clubs is a natural and effective tool for community outreach. Generally, a church will start with the children from church families. But soon those kids want to invite their school and neighborhood friends to join them at club. Pioneer Clubs has been a bridge to the community for many churches. Many clubs have seen whole families come to Christ as a result of one or more kids in their family coming to club and hearing and responding to the gospel. Many churches will also run a bus ministry to bring kids in their community who might not have a ride to club or include a meal before or after club. Special events like a pine car derby provide great opportunities to connect with families outside your church family in a non-threatening setting.

In a recent survey, we found that…

  • 50% of club members are not from the sponsoring church. You may find that your church children enjoy Pioneer Clubs so much that they enthusiastically invite their friends. This is one of the most effective ways for kids to naturally outreach to kids in their community.
  • 46% of our churches report reaching families from outside their congregation as a result of Pioneer Clubs. With Pioneer Clubs you will have many occasions to welcome families into a warm and caring church.

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