As part of the Pioneer Clubs Children’s Ministry Program, we offer various training materials geared towards building confidence in your leaders and establishing a successful ministry in your church and community. The following training programs are available for purchase.

How to Run and Promote a Successful Pioneer Clubs Program Book

Time-proven ideas tell you how to make your children’s ministry program successful by expanding your church’s ministry into your community. Includes how to prepare for the club year, club meeting details, leader recruitment and retention ideas, club discipline guidelines, creative methods to fund your club, as well as how to motivate volunteers and equip leaders to change kid’s lives. This resource offers everything you need to know for your club to be successful and make a difference in the lives of kids today.

#2701 How to Run & Promote a Successful Pioneer Clubs Program 

Basic Training Workbook for Pioneer Clubs Leaders

Easy-to-use training workbook for club leaders. Helps leaders confidently lead club meetings and minister to children. Includes overview of Pioneer Clubs goals, tips on preparing for the club year and weekly meetings, suggestions on how to lead a child into a personal relationship with Jesus, club discipline guidelines and more. Each section has lots of exercises and practical recommendations that leaders can use to enhance and improve their club programs. Use as a group or individual training tool. This resource is specifically for the Pioneer program. Order one for every leader!

#2799 Basic Training Workbook 

Leader Training Digital Download

The Leader Training Workshop Digital Download provides the necessary tools to conduct a group or individual Pioneer Clubs leader training. The download includes a scripted powerpoint presentation which is printable as well. The training is designed for the age-specific traditional Pioneer Program, but can be adapted for the DELTA program as well.

#2794 Leader Training Workshop Digital Download  

Group Discipline that Works CD

CD provides the necessary tools to conduct a group or individual training session. Addresses common discipline problems encountered in children’s ministry. Topics include: the value and goals of discipline; different styles of discipline; handling misbehavior. The CD includes: Group Discipline Training Video and a slide handout worksheet.

#2795 Group Discipline that Works

Online Training

How To Run a Successful Pioneer Clubs Program will help you learn to confidently oversee the club experience at your church, whether you are the club coordinator or a committee member. This mini-course will cover how to organize your program along with guides to prepare and lead volunteer meetings. It includes tips and advice along with several downloadable documents to help you get started on the right foot. This information is taken from How to Run and Promote a Successful Pioneer Clubs Program. If after taking the mini-course you want to explore more aspects of running and promoting a successful club, click on the link above to purchase the book.

Take the How to Run a Successful Pioneer Clubs Program mini course.

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