So, where do you start?

Pioneer Clubs offers 5 unique programs based on the number and age of your children, giftedness of your leaders and the unique needs of your church. Each program includes Bible lessons for kids, a Bible memory program and awards for Bible and life-skill activities—all of which can help kids grow spiritually, deepen their understanding and love for the Bible, and develop life-skills that give them confidence. A great place to start is by talking with one of our experienced ministry consultants to find out which program is best for your church. You can reach us Monday-Friday from 8:00-4:30 CST at 800-694-CLUB(2582). Here is a quick overview of each program:

DELTA Club Program

Want kids (grades 1-6) to learn the same Bible lesson each week? Then DELTA is for you! DELTA comes in two convenient format options to meet your needs no matter what size your group. Our All-In-One format is designed for churches ministering to 20 or less kids. Bible Exploration and handbooks are completed together during one compact club meeting.  DELTA’s Large Group format serves churches ministering to more than 20 kids by starting with a large group Bible Exploration and then dividing into small groups for age-level discipleship.

DELTA is designed to be adaptable as your club grows. Kid’s handbooks stay the same no matter which format you use; only the leader books change. So if you begin with a small group of kids and your club grows, shift your format by using a different leader book. Simple, convenient and cost effective! DELTA features lanyard/emblem/sticker/pin award sets, and a combination of skill and game activities.

BOLT Program

BOLT offers you complete flexibility to design a kid’s Bible club based on the time you have available, what your kids need, and the volunteer skill sets in your church. Churches of any size can minister to multi-age levels using a large group Bible Exploration lesson followed by a  small group experience that features hands-on activities, intentional discussion questions, Bible memory verses, and more.

Each component of BOLT, Bible Explorations and the Life Skill Training Guides, are sold as 4-6 lesson units, allowing you to hand-pick which Bible Unit and/or life skill guide matches the gifts of your volunteers and the units your kids would love most. BOLT can be used in all kinds of settings besides club including Vacation Bible School and Children’s Church. Run one unit for a short period of discipleship or combine units to fill your calendar all year long! Pass out BOLT Bible Take Home pages and Life Skill Training Guides for Kids so that kids can have faith conversations and practice new skills at home. Kids can earn certificates of achievement for successfully completing life skill training activities.

Pioneer Clubs Program

Our Pioneer Clubs program is an age-graded club program for children in grades 1-6. Children attend an age-appropriate club based on their grade in school— Voyager (grades 1-2), Pathfinder (grades 3-4) and Trailblazer (grades 5-6). Bible Exploration is tailored to the specific age group being taught. Kids are coached and encouraged to make choices based on what they learn from the Bible. Life skills are taught and games are played as part of a well-rounded club experience. Incentive awards for each program include badges that can be displayed in a variety of ways. This program works best for churches with 8 or more children per grade level as well as a team of committed volunteers at each age level.  

Discovery Club Program

Our Discovery club is specifically designed for groups with less than 12 children of varying age levels. This multi-age-level curriculum is built for children in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade to learn about God’s Word and memorize Scripture and then participate in fun, skill-building activities and games. Awards for Discovery are badges that are earned for Bible and life-skill activities.

Preschool Program

In addition to our club programs for elementary school children, Pioneer Clubs offers two programs for younger children. The Skipper program is built to introduce two- and three-year-olds to God and the Bible in ways that they can understand. For those in preschool and kindergarten, the Scooter program has been designed to support the natural curiosity of children this age and start them on the path to discipleship. Both programs offer both sticker and badge awards and can be coupled with any of our programs for older children to provide a comprehensive children’s ministry program for your church.


To help you determine which program is right for you, we offer review kits for each of our programs that you can order without risk. Simply select the review kit for the program that you think matches your church’s needs and order it to get started. Our review kits come with a 30-day no risk guarantee. Just return it for any reason within 30 days and we will refund the cost of the review kit (minus shipping and handling) if the program’s not right for you.

DELTA Club Kits

The DELTA All-in-One review kit is for smaller groups and contains an Adventurer handbook, an All-in-One planbook, and a Delta emblem set. Order item #3976Delta All-in-One Review Kit.

The DELTA Complete review kit is for larger groups. It contains an Adventurer handbook and a Small Group Leader Planbook, a Large Group planbook, and a Delta emblem set. Order item #1640—Delta Large Group/Small Group Review Kit.

BOLT Sample Lessons

BOLT has a Scope and Sequence that is available at  BOLT Overview.
BOLT Sample Lessons are available at BOLT Curriculum Complete Sample.

Pioneer Clubs Review Kits

The review kit contains a Kid’s Handbook and Leader Planbook for each club. It also includes a copy of Basic Training Workbook for Pioneer Clubs LeadersHow to Run a Successful Pioneer Clubs Program and a promotional poster. Order item #1600—Pioneer Clubs Review Kit.

Review kits for each individual club are also available: Voyager (item #1681), Pathfinder (item #1682) and Trailblazer (item #1683). Each kit includes a Kid’s Handbook, a Leader Planbook and an award set for the club.

Skipper Review Kit

The Skipper review kit contains a Kid’s Handbook, a Leader Planbook, and an entire set of Skipper awards. Order item #1679—Skipper Review Kit.

Scooter Review Kit

The Scooter review kit contains a Kid’s Handbook, a Leader Planbook, and an entire set of Scooter awards. Order item #1680—Scooter Review Kit.

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