“Because of Pioneer Clubs, new children and their families have become a part of our church. These children express weekly to their parents that they do not want to miss church.”

I enjoyed the BOLT curriculum for our summer program at church! It was the perfect amount of lessons that we needed for the summer and was very easy to follow with little prep work.

Ashley – Rural Retreat, VA

“We are excited about what’s happening in Pioneer Clubs! Parents are telling neighborhood parents, and we’ve gotten new kids from the community. Pioneer Clubs has been the highlight of my year as well as for the teachers and helpers!”

Barbara – Springdale, NL, Canada

“I’ve always been impressed with how fruitful this program is evangelistically, and have seen many children come to Christ over the years. Pioneer Clubs was a big factor in building the first church I was involved in; parents would tell me, “We started coming to this church because my child loves Pioneer Clubs!””

Dawn – Sylva, NC

“Pioneer Clubs is a wonderful program and the kids love it. One parent has seen changes in her daughter. When they went out to eat, her daughter would usually beg for a quarter for the bubble gum machine. This time she took the quarter and put it in the donation box for the charity the restaurant was promoting. She has also come early to club and offered to help with setup and passing things out.”

Carol – Williamson, GA

“We are loving the BOLT curriculum. Our church is using it second hour for grades 1-3, while our Pastor is doing the sermon.  We have incorporated the Bible skill lesson alongside a life skill for earning badges. There are three teachers and we rotate each month which works well. The children love memorizing verses, applying the Bible lesson to life, and are currently working on the baking skill! Muffins, cake and cookies are a treat! Our Children’s Commission group went with this program to update what was being taught that hour in our church for that particular grade level. It is more cohesive now and structured differently but in a great way! BOLT is definitely meeting the needs of our church and the little hearts that come each Sunday.”

Michelle – Vestal, NY

I love BOLT. I use it for our Sunday School class. We are small and I lead everything, there is no need for another teacher/leader (for this or DELTA Pioneer Club!) It’s easy to get ready and my kids love it. I highly recommend it to any church of any size. Definitely will continue to purchase!

Abby – Mattoon, IL

“We’ve really enjoyed some wonderful benefits from Pioneer Clubs: Our church kids have developed relationships with one another and enjoy each other’s company; we’ve had unchurched kids coming on a regular basis and learning key biblical values; and we’ve had some families start attending our church as a result of their child’s participation in Pioneer Clubs. It’s a great program for us.”

Rachel – Corvallis, OR

“We implemented Pioneer Clubs for our family night children’s program because I love the perfect balance of life skills, scriptural education and fun activities for Christian and unsaved kids. Pioneer Clubs is a solid, biblically based program, with flexibility and growth opportunities in many areas!”

Sheryl – Halifax, NS, Canada