So you’ve decided to start a Pioneer Clubs program. How do you get started and what do you need to be able to run the program?

  1. Pray! Cover this entire process with prayer. God will bless you and parents will thank you!
  2. Determine which programs you will be running. Will you run preschool and elementary? Just elementary? Will you run DELTA, the age-specific Pioneer Program, or BOLT?
  3. Determine who your key leaders will be. Consider forming a Pioneer Clubs committee to oversee the club ministry and be responsible for leader recruitment, training, annual calendar, promotion, special events, budget, and communication. See How to Run and Promote a Successful Pioneer Clubs Program for complete details.
  4. Determine the overall budget and budget per kid. Plan how you will cover the cost of running club (fundraisers, club dues, church budget, etc.).
  5. Register your club program with Pioneer Clubs. Registration benefits include:
    • Special member pricing for all products
    • Use of Pioneer Clubs trademark name and logo
    • Membership for all committee, leaders, and club members
    • Customer service support
    • Access to online resources
    • FREE monthly e-newsletter
    • Prayer support from Pioneer Clubs staff and board

    Ministry Consultants are available to assist you with registration. Just call 800-694-CLUB (2582). You may also register online. If you register online, be sure to include both the Annual Charter Registration as well as which groups you plan to run (such as Skippers, Voyagers, or DELTA All-in-One).

  6. Place an initial order for leader, training, and advertising materials. You can order online or call 800-694-CLUB (2582) and talk with a Ministry Consultant or Customer Service Representative.
  7. Read How to Run and Promote a Successful Pioneer Clubs Program coordinating manual (included in the Pioneer Program Review Kit).
  8. Plan your annual club calendar with your key leaders. Plan around holidays, schedule any special events or theme nights and award ceremonies. Choose a starting date for the program as well as when your regular meeting time will be.
  9. Check out the Forms for Club page for leader applications, club member registration forms, photo releases, etc.
  10. Recruit and train club leaders. Be sure to include any safety and security policies your church may have.
  11. Begin to promote the program within your church and community.
  12. Place your starting order online or call 800-694-CLUB (2582) and talk with a Ministry Consultant or Customer Service Representative. Check out the Order for Success page for order checklists to help you decide what you need and place your order.
  13. Launch a powerful NEW ministry to reach the children in your church and community!

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