At Pioneer Clubs, we believe games are an important part of club. Not only are games fun, but they also provide opportunities for kids to build friendships and constructively use their energy. However, we recognize that many games can be challenging to play while maintaining social distancing and limiting contact of the same item between multiple kids. Here are some alternative ways to lead games during this season:

  • For relay races, have kids compete individually or on smaller-sized teams. Have kids line up six feet apart. If you are using a gymnasium during game time, consider having kids race across the shorter distance twice.
  • For games that require objects for each individual player, replace items like beanbags with items that can be easily washed (like a plastic ball) or are disposable after one use (such as a paper plate).
  • For games that require objects that multiple players will touch, be sure to wash hands before and after playing. Consider using hand sanitizer between rounds as well. Replace items like beanbags with items that can be easily washed (like a plastic ball) or are disposable after one use (such as a paper plate).
  • For games played in a circle, play in a larger area so that chairs can be six feet apart.
  • Play games (such as Minute-to-Win-It games) as individual challenges. Place the supplies needed for all of the challenges in each kid’s spot ahead of time. Have the kids pull out the objects needed for one challenge at a time. Have all kids complete the challenge at the same time, or have smaller groups challenge each other while the rest of the kids watch.
  • Set up a “Fitness Trail.” At each station on the trail, have a leader guide the kids through specific exercises (such as jumping jacks) or stretches. Have kids rotate through stations in small groups.
  • Set up an obstacle course that kids can go through one at a time.
  • Go mini-golfing or set up a frisbee golf course.

Under the Flashlight Beam

Age-Group: Pre-K+
Number of Players: 2+

Darken the room. Facing a wall, turn on a flashlight and hold it straight out so the light beam is level. Players line up six feet apart and take turns bending backwards and going under the beam without touching it. After each player has had a turn going under the beam, lower the beam. Keep lowering the beam as the game continues until it is too low for anyone to go under successfully.

Constant Motion

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: Any

Each player has a ball. When the leader says, “Go!” players put balls on the floor and keep them rolling around the room. Whenever a ball stops, the leader blows a whistle and the group loses a point. When 10 points are lost, the game is over. See how long the game can keep going. Play another game to beat that time.


Age-Group: Any
Number of Players: Even number

Partners face each other, standing six feet apart. One partner is the leader, making slow movements of arms, legs, body, and facial expressions. Other partner has to be the “mirror,” doing exactly what the leader is doing as quickly as possible. After a few minutes, switch roles. Option: Have pairs “perform” for the rest of the group and see if the group can guess who is leading.