Research shows us that children retain:
10% of what they read
20% of what they hear
30% of what they see
50% of what they see and hear
70% of what they say
90% of what they say and do

For a children’s ministry program to be truly effective, children must actively participate and be involved in the learning experience.

Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Show them every day examples: How can they can apply and benefit from what they are learning?
  • Find out what they love: What are they passionate about and can you use those interests to motivate them?
  • Give them choices: What choices can you give them so that their engagement in the process goes up?
  • Ask open-ended questions: What kind of questions will encourage them to develop their own perspective?

If your current children’s ministry programs focus mainly on reading and seeing, you may want to consider how you can help your kids get more out of their experience. We know through research that children that come to Christ usually do so between the ages of 4-14. This is a critical window of opportunity for you to engage them. Now is the time to deepen their experience and give them the opportunity to choose Jesus.

Pioneer Clubs has several ministry consultants that can guide you into the right children’s ministry program, so your children can have effective age-appropriate learning experiences. Contact us today to learn more.