For the sixth and final year of DELTA, we really wanted to dive into what it means to know and follow Jesus. How do we grow in our relationship with Jesus? What challenges might we face as we follow Jesus? How does my relationship with Jesus change the way I think and act? What are the fruit of the Spirit and how can I grow them? Kids will discover the answers to these questions and more as they go through this year of DELTA. Here is a general overview of the Bible Explorations your kids will dive into this year:

  • Growing Spiritually
  • Fruit of the Spirit Part 1
  • Fruit of the Spirit Part 2
  • A New Way of Thinking
  • Forming Spiritual Habits
  • The Cost of Following Jesus

This year of DELTA offers opportunities for kids who are encountering Christ for the first time to build a relationship with Him and will challenge kids who are already following Him to dig deeper in their faith.

Kids will:

  • Discover more of God’s character and why we want to follow Him.
  • Develop an understanding of each fruit of the Spirit and desire to grow and develop each fruit.
  • Evaluate what they think about and how to change their thinking to be more like Christ’s.
  • Learn practical skills and understand basic tools to help them grow in their relationship with Christ.
  • Recognize the challenges that come with following Jesus and the reward that comes from knowing Him.

The skill awards and game awards are really fun and build confidence in your kids! Take a look at what we have developed this year to help kids grow and develop in life skills:

  • Orienteering
  • Videography
  • Science Lab
  • Designs in Art
  • Money Management
  • Cooking Outdoors
  • Games from Far Away
  • Bowling
  • Games for a Group
  • Games in the Round
  • Silly Sound Games
  • Minute to Win It Games

We are so excited to see how God will move in the lives of kids and leaders this year through DELTA as we discover together what it means to live like Jesus.