Candy Cane Relay

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: 6+

Each team forms a line. The first player put candy canes (1-4, depending on age-group) between fingers. On “go,” the first player transfers the candy canes to the second player, and so on down the line. If you have small teams, have them pass the candy canes back again.

Christmas Freeze

Age-Group: Pre-K to Grade 2
Number of Players: Any

Play Christmas music. Players move and run to the music until you stop it. Then they must freeze instantly and hold their position until you start the music again. Your littlest ones won’t understand the concept but will enjoy moving to the music. Just play for fun; don’t count anyone out.

Christmas Carol Picture Game

Age-Group: Grades 5-6
Number of Players: Any

Write names of Christmas carols on separate slips of paper and put them in a container. Form two teams. Each team chooses an artist. The artist picks a slip of paper out of the container and starts drawing anything that will help his or her teammates say the name of the Christmas carol. Time how long it takes.

To play with younger children, use Christmas words instead of carols: sleigh, angel, cookie, etc.

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