Spring is here and soon enough you’ll be able to enjoy the warm weather with club members. Have some outdoor fun this spring with these games.

Yelling Race

Age-Group: Pre-K+
Number of Players: Any

Players see how far they can run in one breath while yelling. Once they have stopped yelling, they must sit down. Let players run several times to see if they can pass their previous spot.

Giant Bowling

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: Any

Chalk a large triangle on the ground. Put 6 large balls in the triangle. From 15-20 feet away, players take turns rolling another large ball, trying to knock balls out of the triangle. They get points for the number of balls they knock out.

Foam Softball

Age-Group: Grade 3+
Number of Players: 8+

This game is similar to softball. Soak two foam balls in a bucket of water near the pitcher’s mound. Keep one ball in the bucket while the other one is being pitched.

Divide players into two teams. Instead of a bat, use a tennis racket. Players get three chances to hit the soaked ball. An out is called after three missed hits or when a player is tagged with a wet foam ball while trying to make it to a base.