If you are looking for a special guest speaker for an upcoming event, consider Brian Ondracek, President/CEO of Pioneer Clubs. Brian, the author of Reaching Your Community through Children’s Ministry, would welcome an opportunity to speak at your upcoming function.

He would be excited to speak on any of these topics:

  • Changing the World through Next Generation Ministry
  • Developing Christian Character in Kids
  • Building Healthy Relationships with Your Children
  • The Top 5 Things Parents Need to Teach Their Kids
  • Reaching the Unchurched in Your Community

Or he can craft a lesson, message, or series to fit your specific needs.

Brian is available to speak at churches, club meetings, educational seminars, leader training sessions, parenting classes, weekend seminars, church retreats, Christian camps and worship services.

If you would like to schedule Brian for a speaking engagement for at your next event, please email us at info@pioneerclubs.org.