• Give your coordinator a list of what Bible and activity awards need to be ordered.
  • Pray about leading in club next year. Let your coordinator know about your plans for serving next year.
  • Evaluate your club year with your co-leader.
  • Consider taking time in club to let your club members know what you appreciated about each one individually. Go around in a circle and let club members share as well.
  • If it’s warm enough, plan activities and games that let the kids spend time outside.


  • Check with club leaders about any awards that need to be ordered and be sure to allow enough time to get those before your closing celebration.
  • Begin making plans for your club program next fall. This should include setting up your budget, setting a preliminary schedule, and obtaining commitments for your current leaders to serve.
  • Pray for additional leaders and start to recruit to fill any vacancies you may have.
  • If you know a leader needs to step down, make sure the co-leader is willing to continue and start recruiting a new co-leader early. Having co-leaders ready to lead makes transitions easier.
  • If you don’t already have one, recruit a co-coordinator so you have trained backup for your own position.
  • Schedule a time for club leaders to get together with you and evaluate the club year.
  • Plan a way to thank leaders for their year of service.

April Real Time – Pioneer Clubs Helps Grow a Church’s Ministry

“Pioneer Clubs has been a blessing to our church. We have a Sunday night service for the adults and our youth to meet at the same time, but our children’s program was not really attracting any kids. So we started our club and now we have a vibrant Sunday night program. We feed around 70 people supper and then adults go to the worship service/Bible study, the youth meet and Pioneer Clubs meets. Then every couple of months we all get together and have an Award Night for the club and everyone brings a potluck.

“Pioneer Clubs has not only jumpstarted our children’s ministry but also has increased our entire Sunday night program because everyone in the family has a ministry for them. We have had two families join our church because they were involved in Pioneer Clubs. We have great teachers, and everyone is in it for the kids.”

   –Pioneer Clubs Leader, Arkansas