• Finalize any holiday plans for your own club. Why not post them on the Pioneer Clubs Facebook page to give other leaders ideas? Or tag us on Twitter!
  • Meet with your co-leader (s) to evaluate the club so far. Celebrate what’s gone well and brainstorm about what needs to improve.
  • Connect with your club members over the holiday season. Get together to bake Christmas cookies or go caroling.
  • Begin preparing what your kids will do for Pioneer Clubs Sunday, the first Sunday in February.


  • Meet with your leaders to evaluate the club so far. Celebrate what’s gone well and brainstorm about what needs to improve. Plan a Mid-Year Evaluation Party.
  • Pass out Christmas thank-yous for club leaders, such as a card or small gift.
  • Plan Pioneer Clubs Sunday events for the first Sunday in February. Post your ideas on Pioneer Clubs Facebook page or tag us on Twitter so others can benefit.
  • Consider a mid-year bring-a-friend meeting. You might plan a special theme or a special snack. For invitations see How to Run & Promote a Successful Pioneer Clubs Program (Item #2701).
  • Consider whether to have a Valentine’s event and what that might be.
  • Post photos of recent holiday activities with captions on your church’s website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages. (Get parents’ permission before posting photos using this Photo Release Form.) If you have a bulletin board for club, be sure to update it with recent news and upcoming events.


December Real Time

We have an all-boys club, and a number of them have made very purposeful decisions to give their hearts to Christ.

We have a BOGO (bring one, get one) program to encourage the kids to bring friends. If they bring one, they get a prize. This has special significance in our church since our pastor came to the Lord years ago when he was invited to church by a friend who “really just wanted to win a baseball.”

One little boy, Caleb, very innocently tells his friends, “Do you want to come to church?  We get a prize if you do.” He has since brought half a dozen friends that come on the church bus—some very challenging, but all needing to hear about Jesus.

One was especially difficult one week right before we ended last year and said to me, “I don’t like it here and I don’t like you. I want to go home.” After gently explaining to him that he either had to wait for the end of club and go back on the bus or call his mom to pick him up, he opted for the bus. His parting remark was, “I don’t like it here and I’m not coming back—except for next week—that’s your last week, right?”

This year he is back. He is one hard child but God is working on him and we are sure to show him love every time we get to see him.

And the story goes on. This year we had to add an extra route for our bus ministry. Our pastor actually stepped up to drive our church van way out west to pick up eight more kids and growing. The bus goes in a mile radius and picks up about 28 kids. Plus I am reaching out to their parents as much as I can. It is humbling to watch God move. Our kids who attend our church regularly are inviting kids, too!  Since the second week in September, we have seen over 35 new kids at our church. God is truly blessing us.   –Pioneer Clubs Coordinator, Northern Minnesota