• Prayerfully consider leading the club again next year. Let your coordinator know if you will be willing to serve.
  • Help your coordinator with recruiting by suggesting someone you think would make a great club leader for next year.
  • Continue planning how your club will celebrate Easter.
  • Tell your kids about the fun you had at camp when you were a kid (if you went), and encourage them to consider going to a Christian camp this summer. Have the names and contact information for a nearby Camp Cherith or other Christian camps within a reasonable distance of your church.
  • Include specific invitations for parents to respond in notes you send home. Ask what growth or changes they have seen – or would like to see – in their club members. Ask how they think your club could help with issues their kids are facing.


  • Begin recruiting any new club volunteers needed for next year.
  • Ask current club workers for a commitment to serve again next year.
  • Determine if your club will meet during the summer; recruit summer staff.
  • Find out how many club members and leaders are planning to go to camp.
  • Raise funds for Camp Cherith® scholarships.
  • Encourage club members and leaders to participate in a summer camp and find out how many are interested.
  • Plan a fundraising event to support Pioneer Clubs’ ministry opportunities in Cuba. CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • Suggest your church use one of Pioneer Clubs’ summer VBS programs—The Wacky World of Water, One Way Café, or Fixer Upper.

March Real Time

“A girl I led in Trailblazers a few years ago was from a very unstable home. From the time she was a Voyager, we questioned whether we were wasting our time on her. It seemed she was a lost cause, but we persevered, and she kept attending. Now, as a junior in high school, she is ‘so on fire!’ She is a leader in the church youth group and boldly proclaims her faith at school. She now lives with her uncle, and Pioneer Clubs and youth group are her safe places.”

—Pioneer Clubs leader in Ohio