• Email your coordinator some highlights of your meetings so far this year. Why not post one on the Pioneer Clubs Facebook page, too, to encourage others? Or tag us on Twitter! Consider including highlights on your church website, as well.
  • Send your co-leaders a note telling them something you appreciate about them.
  • Tell your Sunday school class or small group about good things that are happening in your club. Your enthusiasm will be catching!
  • Get parents’ input on club and ask for their involvement.
  • Consider the all-club special events that are coming up for the holidays, and begin planning anything you will do with your own club group to celebrate.


  • Prepare material about your clubs that can be used in whatever communications vehicles your church uses. If you have a church newsletter, consider writing a brief report on your clubs. Post photos of recent events with captions on your church’s website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages. (Get parents’ permission before posting photos using this Photo Release Form.) If you have a bulletin board for club, be sure to update it with recent news and upcoming events.
  • Check with your leaders for award orders and other supplies they might need.
  • Write a note or send an email to your leaders thanking them for their service and encouraging them to remain faithful.
  • Make sure plans are well underway for special events for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  • Be sure parents are aware of upcoming club events and the holiday schedule as November and December approach. Communicate with them regularly so they know what their kids are learning at club!
  • Start thinking about special events or projects for the upcoming holidays.