1. Display pictures of all the children where you meet. Show individual, up-close pictures of all the kids who attend club. A group shot, located in a common area, would also be inviting. Or take photos by club groups and post them on the club room doors. If the pictures need to be removed after club each week, you might laminate them and hang them on an over-the-door hanger. Kids like to see their pictures posted and the postings will make the children feel as though they belong. Update the pictures periodically so all newcomers feel welcomed. Be sure only to show photos of kids who have submitted photo release forms.
  2. Identify the club room. Post signs on the doors that say “Scooters,” “Voyagers” and so on.  This will help newcomers find their room and make regular attenders feel like they belong. Even if you can’t keep those identifiers on the room doors all week, you can hang them at club time.  Or, if your club meets in designated areas in a larger room, put signs on dividers or walls.
  3. Display Bible memory verses and/or club attendance records on a poster on the club room wall. The children will feel the accomplishment of verses learned. If they mark their weekly attendance as well (or put on a sticker, depending on their age-level!), they will sense a feeling of ownership. If you’re able to keep these records up in the room all week, it will serve as a visual reminder to other church members of what is being accomplished in club. If the room has bulletin boards, you can also show photos of special club events or activity award projects.
  4. Provide a unique look or feel for each age level that you run. For example, use a sailing theme for Skippers with sailor caps, ropes and anchors. Create something that portrays how the kids can be “anchored” in God’s Word. For an older group, such as Trailblazers, create something that would reflect a young-adolescent mentality. This unique look would say that a particular child is not just a member ofPioneer Clubs, but also a member of a specific age-group. Another way to accomplish this is to have club members wear their age level’s club crest .
  5. Have greeting packets and name buttons available for visitors. Create an inviting packet that can be given to visitors throughout the year. A name button (catalog #6780) will help everyone know the child’s name. Give a gift, like a Pioneer Clubs sports water bottle, to help the newcomer feel welcome. Or include a bookmark, ideal for marking Bible Exploration passages.
  6. Provide decorations that change with the seasons. If your club starts in autumn, decorate rooms in a theme that says “fall” even if you’re not holding a special event. You could use corn stalks, pumpkins, gourds, and so on. Use lots of perky and bright colors, especially during the dark, wintry months.
  7. Display the awards kids earn. Either in the club room or on a wall close by, provide a list (or poster) of the awards the kids are earning. Or, even better, hang up an award banner (#7000) for each child. This visual highlights each kid’s ongoing achievements. Add to the banner as the awards are earned. Use glitter to show the kid’s name at the top of the award banner. Add a few words that portray the heart of your Pioneer Clubs program.
  8. Surprise the club members. Everyone loves a surprise. Do something unexpected. Change decorations when children aren’t expecting it. Blow up balloons for a regular club meeting.
  9. Put up welcoming items outside the church. Providing a positive environment can begin before the children even enter the church. An outdoor welcome banner (#6700) or flag (#6702) not only promotes your program to those who pass by the church, it also promotes excitement for the kids who are regulars or first-time visitors.