Looking for some fun game ideas for your children’s ministry this summer. Here are a few that are sure to work! 

Water Balloon Sandwich

Here’s a great game for warm weather! Have pairs stand back to back at the starting line and place a water balloon between their backs. At the signal, each pair heads for the finish line. If the balloon pops or drops before they get to the finish line, they have to return to the starting line for a replacement.

Team Long Jump*

Each team lines up behind a starting line. On your signal, the first player on each team jumps as far as possible from the line. (No running starts allowed.) The rest of the team moves to the spot where the first player landed. Starting there, the next player jumps as far as possible. Teammates continue taking turns jumping until one team crosses the finish line.

Variation: Have each member of the team jump as instructed above and see which team can collectively jump the furthest.

Memory Toss

The goal of the game is for players to remember who they threw the ball to and to throw it to the same person every time they get the ball. Have players form a circle. Have them begin to toss a ball back and forth across the circle, throwing to different people until everyone has had a chance to catch it. The last person throws it to the person who threw it first. Now each player has to throw the ball to the right person. Begin slowly and speed up as the players become familiar with the pattern. Then add more balls to keep going in the same pattern.

Variation: As you add balls, have them go in a new pattern so players have to remember more than one pattern. Use different colored balls to help players remember.

*suitable for preschoolers