What an exciting time of year for us here at Pioneer Clubs. In the next month or so, hundreds of churches around the world will be ministering to thousands of children to help them learn to follow Christ in every aspect of life. We are so thrilled to partner in ministry with you this coming year and we will be praying for you as you serve the children in your church and community!

To help us serve you best, I would like to invite you to:

  • Share your prayer requests with us, so that we can pray for you or your club. To make this easy for you, we’ve added a new Prayer Request form on our website. You can send us a request at anytime using this form OR click the button on the right. If you would like you can also post your request on our Facebook page or call one of our ministry reps to share your request personally. With your permission, we will share your requests either on our social media sites or on a page on our website where we will gather prayer requests together in one place. This way, churches around the world can pray for each other!

  • Share with us what you are doing in your club and what is working for you. If you can also provide photos, we would love to see your club in action! Not only will our ministry learn from you, but we will also share your success stories with other churches so that they can benefit from your experience.
  • Share with us your concerns or complaints so that we can improve our ministry and better serve you. I would like to think we are doing everything just right, but I am realistic enough to know that there are always ways for us to improve. If there is anything we need to work on, please let us know. You can use the Contact Us form on our website to provide input. Or feel free to call and/or email one of our ministry reps to let us know how we can improve.

It is my prayer that God will do amazing things this year through you as you reach children with the love of Christ. We are so glad to be partnering with you in ministry, and look forward to serving you in the days ahead. May God be glorified in all you do and may you see Him at work in the children you serve!

In Him,

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Brian Ondracek