Your leaders have worked hard planning events for club members all year long. Now it’s their turn to have a special event planned for them! Leaders will enjoy being the honored guests for a change and this is a great way to show them how much you appreciate their efforts, time and commitment to club members.

Theme Ideas

Throw a party. At one church, the pastor threw a pizza party after club for the club leaders. Another idea is to try a barbecue.

Sundaes. Make build-your-own sundaes during the last 20 minutes of the club meeting. Have club leaders enter a sundae-making contest. Club members will enjoy cheering for leaders. Have lots of toppings and different ice cream flavors. Give goofy prizes for the most creative sundae, most yummy-looking sundae, most colorful sundae, etc.

Recognition Sunday. Ask club leaders to stand during a church service to be applauded. Have the pastor highlight their accomplishments and pray for them.

What to Include

Whatever event you choose to show appreciation, try some of these ideas!

Sharing. Spend some time letting leaders share funny stories of things that happened in club and share answers to prayer.

Service pins. Hand out service pins (Items #2762-2766) to celebrate club leaders’ years of service.

Certificates. Give customized service certificates (See under Club Coordinator Resources), which will be personalized with your church name, leader’s name and number of years served.

Awards. Come up with awards for your club leaders that celebrate something they have done that is funny or serious , like Best Bible Teacher ever! Take time to think through an award that truly fits the person and celebrates your appreciation of them.

Evaluation form. Hand out a leader evaluation form for leaders to fill out on their own or with co-leaders and return to you. This shows them you value their input and want to respond to their needs and ideas. It also helps you build a stronger club over the long run as you carefully consider your leaders’ suggestions and observations.

An appreciation event can be a great time of fellowship. It can be just what you need to encourage club leaders to sign up for another year. Be sure to personally thank each leader individually for their involvement in club—few things are a greater motivator to volunteers than recognition, praise and gratitude