Events for Your Club Calendar

Plan out your entire year right from the start – and don’t forget special events.

Before the club season begins, your club committee should meet with club leaders to plan your annual Pioneer Clubs calendar. Having a calendar (and handing it out!) ensures that club leaders, parents and kids are all on the same page when it comes to club dates. On the calendar, include:

  • club start and end dates
  • holiday breaks
  • regular club meetings
  • catch-up meetings
  • leader training
  • award ceremonies
  • evaluation meetings
  • special events
  • theme meetings

Special Event Ideas

Be sure to include a few special events in your club year. They give you opportunities to:

  • deepen relationships with club members
  • get to know parents better
  • publicize club
  • build traditions

A few ideas:

  • Gross Party – Kids love gross things. Play a guessing game where you put gross itms in bags (dog food, mud, play dough rolls, etc.) and kids reach in without looking to guess what they are. (Have wipes available!) Have a Survivor-type challenge where kids eat “gross” foods that they normally wouldn’t eat (olives, broccoli, okra, baby food, etc.) Help them make edible slime. Help them act out the “gross” Bible story of Jonah being swallowed by a big fish while you narrate. Ask a couple of questions about how they can apply the story to their life.
  • Pet Party – Ask adults and other kids to bring pets and tell something about them. Don’t forget reptiles. Let club members interact with appropriate animals. Use the devotional “Cages” from Talks that Teach (Item #2725). Serve “puppy chow” for a snack.
  • Check out the wide variety of special event digital downloads available here.

Theme Meeting Ideas

Compared to special events, theme meetings are quick ideas to add a little punch to a regular club meeting, with no extra planning. Kids think they’re fun. Leaders think they’re easy. Put the themes you choose on your annual calendar so kids and parents have a heads-up, and then see how creative they can be.

A few ideas:

  • Happy Feet – Kids come with outrageous socks or mismatched shoes.
  • Retro Day – Kids wear an item of clothing or jewelry from the past.
  • Grownup Day – Kids come dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. Give them a chance to tell what they are.