Heart Hunt

Age-Group: Pre-K+
Number of Players: 4+

Give each player a small bag. At the signal, all look for hidden candy hearts. Give the player finding the most a chocolate heart – the rest get to keep their candy hearts. Optional: Hide paper hearts. The player finding the most hearts receives a huge valentine balloon or card. (Appropriate for preschoolers).

Scatter Hearts

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: 5+

Make a large red construction paper heart and a large white one. Cut each heart into several pieces and hide the pieces around the room. Divide players into two teams, one red and one white. Teams race to find the missing pieces and complete their heart.

Valentine Makers

Age-Group: Grade 2+
Number of Players: 5+

Have players sit on chairs in a circle. IT does not have a chair. Give each player in the circle a valentine with one of these words on it: scissors, glue, red paper, hearts, lace, and envelope. (If two or more players share each word, it makes the game more interesting.) Give a list of these words to IT, who walks around the circle and says, “I’m going to make a valentine, and I need hearts and glue.” Players with those words follow IT around the circle until IT says, “I’m done!” Everyone scrambles for a chair and the person left without a chair becomes IT.

From Games Galore (#2724).