Follow the Star

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: 10+*

All players, except two, scatter around the playing area. Explain that one of the two remaining players will be the wise man following the star to navigate through the scattered players to get to the other side of the playing area. The catch is that he or she will be blindfolded. The remaining partner will be the star and must give directions to keep the “wise man” from running into or touching other players. (Younger children may guide by holding a hand.)

Everyone is on the same team, so every time the “wise man” touches someone, the whole group gets a five second penalty. Players may bend or twist to keep from being touched as long as they don’t move their feet. When the wise man gets to the appointed ending spot, add any penalty seconds to the total time it took. Continue by letting two other club members be the star and the wise man. See how low a score the whole group can get. Option: For mostly younger children, play without keeping score.

*To play with a smaller group, set out chairs to form a maze.

Christmas Carol Confusion

Age-Group: Grade 3+
Number of Players: 6+

Write or print out the words of familiar Christmas carols. Write the name of each carol on a slip of paper. Divide into teams. Teams take two slips of paper with song names. Give players time to practice singing the words of one song to the tune of the other. Each team performs it in front of the group. Have lyrics available to make the game easier.