The following game is meant to help reinforce this year’s theme verse, which reads: The Lord is my strength and my song and he has become my salvation.  Exodus 15:2a

Divide your playing area into 3 sections (see below). Using the words Strength, Song and Salvation, name each of the three areas. One area should be in the middle of the room and it is best if a tape line is put on the floor.

Have club members line up on the middle line (center of room) to begin the game. Choose a Caller for the game—either a leader or a club member. Each round of the game starts with the Caller randomly shouting out the three words (Strength, Song, Salvation) until he/she stops calling the words. The last club member to be in the area of the last word called is eliminated and can sit down. Then start another round of calling with club members where they are. If a round starts and club members are in an area, the Caller may call out the name of that area. All club members that “cross” the line of that area are eliminated. Continue to play as many rounds needed until one player is left.


  1. Tape lines on the floor are helpful to determine who arrives last (especially in the middle).
  2. Blindfold the Caller or have the caller shut his/her eyes to ensure fairness.
  3. You can allow club members to run OR limit them to walking.
  4. Have a leader determine who is eliminated from the game.