Boxer Shorts Relay. Play like a regular relay race, but kids have to run wearing the hugest pair of boxer shorts you can find. Add other silly clothing items if you want, such as a feather boa and jumbo T-shirt.

Pantyhose Tag. For each player, you’ll need a pantyhose leg cut off at the thigh. Stuff a rolled-up sock in the toe. Players pull the hose onto their heads like a hat, with the sock end dangling down. On “go,” players chase each other, trying to grab the sock ends and pull off the hats. Holding onto your hat is not allowed.

*Don’t Laugh Now. Players sit in a circle. Toss a balloon into the air. While the balloon is in the air, players laugh; when it touches the ground, players must stop. Players caught still laughing must hop around the circle of players. (Choose “consequences” based on age of players. Keep them fun!)

*Suitable for preschoolers