Celebration Eggs

Age-Group: K to Grade 2
Number of Players: 5+

Ahead of time, put small objects in plastic Easter eggs. Leave one egg empty. To play, form a circle and give each player an egg. While you play music, kids pass the eggs around the circle. When the music stops, they open the egg they’re holding. The kid with the empty egg calls out, “The tomb is empty!” and the others respond with “Jesus is alive!”

Egg Rolling

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: 4+

Players get one plastic egg apiece. Designate a start and finish line. Players roll their eggs to the finish line using only their noses.

Easter Relay

Age-Group: Grade 1+ (stunts can be made easier or harder)
Number of Players: 8+

On separate slips of paper, write instructions for stunts that include something related to Easter, such as:

  • balance an Easter card on your head and walk back to your team
  • high five each member of the opposite team while saying, “Jesus is alive!”
  • hold an Easter egg between your knees and hop back to your team

Make an identical set for each team. Put each set in a bag with any supplies needed.

Divide players into teams and have them line up behind start lines. Place the stunt bags opposite each team at the other end of the room. At your signal, the starting players run to the bags, pull out a slip of paper, do the stunt and then tag the next team member in line.

Adapted from “Christmas Stunts Relay,” Funtastic Games (#2722)