Age-Group: Grade 3+
Number of Players: 6+

Players stand in a circle facing inward. Choose one club member who will stand inside the circle to be the Challenger. Challenger approaches one club member standing around the circle and says either “Middle,” “Left,” or “Right,” and then quickly says “Mephibosheth!”

For “Middle,” club member responds with their own name. For “Left,” club member says the name of the person on their left and for “Right” the person on their right.. If a challenger finishes saying, “Mephibosheth,” before a player says the correct name, the challenger and player trade places.

From Funtastic Games (Item #2722)

Throwing Things

Age-Group: Pre-K+
Number of Players: Any

Players stand along a center line, facing you. You “throw out” a series of items, one at a time, that kids could like or dislike: cats, alligators, spinach, baseball, lemon juice, homework, math, mosquitoes, brothers and sisters, and so on.  Choose words depending on the age of the players.

Kids jump or run to one side of the middle line (the “good side”) if they like the item or the other side (the “bad side”) if they don’t like it. Younger kids will enjoy having you wind up like a pitcher and pretend to really throw the items. Older kids could just take a step to either side. Encourage them to look around and take note of others’ likes and dislikes as they go.