Many of us grew up memorizing Bible verses for candy or a reward. Unfortunately, most of us today don’t choose to memorize Scripture, because memorization of God’s Word didn’t become meaningful to us outside of the reward we received.

It is important to help train kids that we memorize the Bible because it is so valuable and it means so much to us. We treasure God’s Word and want to remember it. When we memorize the Bible with that approach, it has a chance of becoming a life-long habit that gives us joy and strength rather than a short-term activity with candy as the only reward. Let’s call our kids to something better.

Here are tips on getting the most out of Bible Memory time in club.

Make it meaningful. Memory verses are taken from the Scripture passage in each week’s Bible Exploration. This leads to meaningful memorization because kids have discussed, questioned and examined the verse as part of their Bible Exploration. Talk about what the verse means to you or how it has encouraged you at a crucial time in the past. Help club members:

  • develop an understanding of the verse’s message and what it means to them
  • begin to incorporate the verse into their lives by talking about how to apply them

Make it fun. To help club members learn verses, we provide a variety of active Bible memory techniques in the leader plan books. Use these or some of your own ideas. The key is fun and variety!

Use Bible Memory Packets. Bible Memory Packets hold Bible Memory Cards for club members to take home. This helps children review their verses throughout the week.

You can order Bible Memory packets over the phone or on the online store.

Repeat often. Your leader plan book gives you reminders to review verses within units. Take some time to review verses from previous units, as well. Repetition will help cement the verses into club members’ minds.

You might make a game of it, by calling out, “Memory verse!” at unexpected times during the meeting. Let club members rush to raise hands to say the current verse. Or call out a reference from a past verse so that they can review previous memory work.

Work verses into the meetings. During club meetings, you’ll probably come across teachable moments when a memory verse you’ve learned would fit in naturally. Maybe the club members show concern as one of them shares about a family member’s illness. “Remember our memory verse?” you could say. “‘Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.’ I’m proud of you for doing that.”

When you bring up memory verses in everyday situations, children see even more clearly how the Bible makes a difference for them.

Learn the verses yourself. Kids will notice if you memorize the verses, too, or if you have to check their recitation by looking at the Bible Memory Card. It’s much more effective if you show them by your example and not just tell them that memorizing God’s Word is important.

You can help kids learn to love hiding God’s Word in their hearts which will be a blessing to them for a lifetime.