Get your club members excited about the second part of the club year


After your holiday break, a half-year kickoff party will reorient the kids to club, remind them of the fun so far, and get them looking forward to what’s to come.


If you have real snow outdoors, play in it instead.

Indoor Snowmen. Give each team rolls of toilet paper, tape, and props such as hats and a carrot. Let each team wrap up a team member as a snowman.

Indoor Snowball Fight. Play with two teams and lots of wadded-up newspaper snowballs. Teams try to get all the snowballs across the center line onto the other team’s side.

Indoor Ski. Play on carpet. Form teams of three. One person is the “skier” and two are “poles.” Give each skier two pieces of wax paper to stand on. The poles pull the skier to the finish line. Repeat with different skiers until everyone has had a turn.

Snowman Review

Do Ahead:

Plan a dozen review questions about Bible Explorations you’ve done so far. Out of shelf paper, cut four snowman parts for each team: bottom, middle, head, hat. Don’t draw faces. Bring tape and markers. Form two teams.

Read a question to the first team. If they answer correctly, they tape the snowman bottom to the wall. Alternate teams, reading one question at a time and building the snowmen. When a team completes their snowman, they draw a face and sign their names. Option: If you have mostly older kids, make it sillier by having them close eyes and spin around before they place the snowman parts.

Activity Award Hunt

Do Ahead:

Look through activity awards that you will do in the rest of the year. For each team, gather five or six interesting supplies that will be used. Hide them around the room. Tell teams how many supplies to search for. When they find them, have them guess which activity awards they will be doing. Then tell them the real answers.

Looking Ahead Devotional

Do Ahead:

Look through Bible Explorations that you will do in the rest of the year. Make a list of a half dozen or so interesting activities that kids will do (such as make a poster about the talents God gave them).

Hold up a pair of new snow boots (new shoes).

• What do you like to do when you get new snow boots (shoes)?

You might like to try them out and see if they can help you climb higher snow hills (run faster). You might put them on and explore in deeper snow than ever before (someplace new). You might just feel as if your feet have a starting point for trying something new.

In January every year, we all get something new.

• What do you think it is?

Every January, we get a new year. A new year is a good starting point—you can think about where you’re going and what you’re going to do. It’s like dreaming of what you’ll do in new snow boots. Hold up boots.

Every January, we get a new start in Pioneer Clubs, too. Christmas break is over and we look forward to the new club season. We do new activity awards and Bible awards. We’ve found out about some fun we’ll have doing activity awards. Now here are things we’ll do to get to know God better. Read the list you made.

Read 1 Chronicles 16:11. The Bible promises that when we look for God, we will find him. God is waiting to guide us and teach us and love us as we go through the new club season together. It’s like walking together on a a new adventure with him. Hold up boots. Pray, thanking God for the new club season when you can learn about him and enjoy him.

(based on “New Shoes” devotional from Talks That Teach book, item #2725, in our online store under Club Room Resources)


Let club members build edible snowman. They use marshmallow fluff (“snow”) to glue together two large marshmallows, candy eyes, and a “kiss” candy for a hat.