Kids enjoy giving valentines to people at this time of year. Let them know that they can give a valentine through their actions—by doing a service project.

Plan a project around a wacky holiday. Find a calendar online. Ideas:

  • “Potato Chip Day” is March 14. Have club members bring in potato chips to share with another club age-group.
  • “As Young as You Feel Day” is March 22. Plan a dessert for seniors in your church. Post pictures of toys from their era and facts about what things cost so they can have fun reminiscing. Let them share brief memories of when they were kids.
  • April is “Holy Humor Month.” Let kids scour joke books for clean jokes and make a bulletin board for the congregation to enjoy. Post Proverbs 17:22 as your headline.

Use a service project in the leader planbook. The first meeting of each unit includes a service project idea. Review all the service projects in the book, and choose one or more to do in this second half of the club year. If you express what you’re interested in, your club coordinator or committee may even take on the planning in order to coordinate a project across all the age levels.

Tie a service project into an award. Look through the Bible Explorations and activity awards you are working on during a unit. Find a topic that lends itself to planning a service project.

  • If you’re doing a unit on the Bible, collect Bibles and send them to an organization that redistributes them to people who need them.
  • If you’re doing a unit on families, help club members plan a thank-you dinner for parents.
  • For a crafts activity award, make gifts for a children’s hospital.

Service projects help kids see that they are a part of a world that’s bigger than themselves, a world with needs that they can help meet as Jesus’ hands and feet.