Use this agenda for a get-together with your club leaders to show appreciation and discuss how to overcome challenges you face.

Midyear is an ideal time to get your club leaders together to see how club is going. You can recognize club members’ needs, look at ways to improve, and assess the value of what you’re doing. Evaluation sounds dull? Add snacks and a game and make it a party!

Print out a copy of the Club Evaluation Form for each club leader and give it to them ahead of time. Ask club leaders to bring their completed forms to the party along with a snack to share.


Snack and Game

Let club leaders fill plates. Play “Personal Trivia” about club happenings. Give each person three slips of paper. Have leaders write one question about themselves or their club in each of three categories:

  • Bible Exploration & Award time
  • Activity awards
  • Impact of club on kids

Examples: Who had the opportunity to answer the question “Was Jesus a real person?” Whose club’s favorite activity was making finger puppets? Who got to make edible slime for Bible Exploration?

Collect the papers, keeping them sorted by category. Have the group pick a category. Read one of the questions and let everyone guess who wrote it. Continue as time permits.


Ask God’s help to accurately discern how club is going and come up with good ideas for the second half of the year.

Joys and Concerns

Have volunteers read their replies to the first question on the evaluation form. Celebrate the joys and brainstorm solutions for the concerns.


Discuss answers to the second question on the form. If club leaders are struggling with some goals, discuss what other leaders have found helpful in meeting similar goals.


Have co-leaders discuss the “How are things going” chart on the evaluation form. Then regroup to brainstorm solutions for areas that need help. Other leaders may have faced the same challenges and will be able to offer advice. You can also use this discussion to discover where more training is needed.

Club Time

Work through the questions under “Club Time” on the form. Answers to questions 2 and 4 will be encouraging to all the leaders. Brainstorm more options for question 3, and let leaders tell what has worked for them in getting parents involved. Ask how you can be of help in that area.


Have co-leaders discuss the first two questions in this section together. Then go from group to group and see if anyone needs help with what they discovered. Bring the large group back together for the last three questions. For the training question, ask what type of training leaders are most comfortable with (training session, individual reading, a DVD to watch, etc.). Look for training helps that match their answers in the online store at


Discuss the last section of the evaluation form and ask for suggestions to solve any problems discovered. Try not to be defensive; just aim for solutions.

Collect Forms

Collect the evaluation forms so that you can share answers with your committee.


Let volunteers praise God for successes in club and ask him for help in specific areas.

Thank leaders for attending.