This year we went to Cuba and trained leaders to use our Pioneer clubs curriculum but we only have enough curriculum translated for one year. They were so excited to receive planned lessons- a first for them! So this year we really want you to help us with a big translation project. It will help us translate DELTA into Spanish for kids to use in Cuba and Mexico.

Here are some ways you could be part of this important project:

  • Mini Golf Tournament: Set up some “holes” throughout your church and invite kids and parents to play for a small donation to Cuba. You’ll find fun suggestions for “holes” online.
  • Pioneer Clubs Talent Show: Let club members show off their talents for a great cause—helping kids in India learn about Jesus! Choose a location and organize a roster of acts. Invite parents, church members and friends to attend. Charge an admission fee (making sure that they know it’s going for a good cause) and earn extra cash by having a concession stand. Or couple it with a bake sale and have church members donate baked goods.
  • Bake Sale: Spend time at club baking cookies, brownies and other goodies and then hold a bake sale the following Sunday for Cuba. Or have kids bake items at home and bring them to sell on a Sunday morning.
  • Balloon Telegrams: Take orders for balloon singing telegrams. Suggest various “special occasions” they could be for: birthday, anniversary, “glad you’re you” day, congrats on your good grade, and so on. Let buyers specify how many balloons they want delivered to the recipient and charge them accordingly. Attach a card that says what the occasion is. Let buyers request which song they would like your group to sing. Deliver the balloons in small groups (with an adult) or as a whole club.
  • Hire a Kid: Pick a day to help people at church with household chores like cleaning up a storage room, sweeping out a garage or gardening. Ask the people you help for a donation to Cuba for work done.
  • Dicey Prizes: On a piece of poster board draw 11 boxes and number them two through twelve. Place one donated prize in each box and for a set donation price (50¢/$1) allow kids to roll two die. Whatever number they roll gets them the prize in that box. Replace emptied boxes with new prizes and let the next child roll!
  • Gumball Giving: Ask parents, church members or others to donate gumballs and fill a gumball machine with gum. Collect the coins the kids put in for your gift to Cuba!
  • Outdoor Bonfire: Host a bonfire party with several portable firepits. Sell s’more-making kits with a graham cracker, piece of chocolate bar and 2 marshmallows in a plastic zip bag. Recruit a couple of guitar players and have songs around the fires.