Human Snowblowers

Age-Group: preschool+
Number of Players: any

Tape a large plastic cup to the side of a table so that the opening is even with the edge of the table. Give the first two players a paper towel tube and a different colored pingpong ball each. When you say, “Snowblowers, start your engines!” players start blowing through the tube to blow their “snowball” into the plastic cup first.

Indoor Ski

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: 6+

Play on a carpeted area. Form teams of three. Teams decide who will be the “skier” and who will be the two “poles.” Give each skier two pieces of wax paper two feet long (60 cm) to stand on. The poles try to pull the skier over the finish line without losing the skis. Give everyone a turn to be the skier.

From Games Galore (Item #2724).

Penguin Relay

Age-Group: preschool+
Number of Players: 4+

Explain that penguins keep their eggs on their feet to keep them warm and safe. Give each team a beanbag to be the egg. Players put their feet together, put the egg on their feet and shuffle through the relay race. If the egg falls off, they must go back to the starting point and try again.

Option for younger kids: Don’t make it a race. Just call out directions, such as “Take your egg to the door,” “turn around in a circle with your egg,” etc.