The BOLT curriculum provides easy-to-use Bible studies for kids in 1st-6th grade. Each study runs from 4-6 weeks long and can be used in an amazing number of combinations to meet your needs. Six of the sixteen units are specifically designed to give a solid foundation for kids who are hearing about God, Jesus, the Bible and church for the first time. Two units are geared towards the holidays: The Easter Story and Unwrapping Christmas. The large group format is designed to be 30-35 minutes long and can be taught as a stand-alone product. You could use it during a kid’s sermon pull-out experience or you could use it as a large group Bible study. To strengthen the home-church connection you could pass out the BOLT Bible Take Home pages at the end.

But imagine that you have a children’s church time slot to fill. That time slot might be 45-55 minutes. Well, you could use the large group format and the small group format as well. The small group format is designed for use with 1st-6th graders in any configuration you need. Your groups could be mixed-age, gender-based or grade-based-you choose! Each small group study has a hands-on activity that connects to the Bible story, great discussion questions for every age, creative Bible memory techniques and a mentoring opportunity. Strengthen the home-church connection with BOLT Bible Take Home pages as kids go home. The BOLT Bible Take Home reviews the main point of the lesson, reviews the Bible verse graphically, provides a review activity, and connects kids with their adults through a conversation starter that is easy for any adult to engage in.

What if you want to try a club but a lack of volunteers means you can’t staff 32 weeks of club a year? What if you could try it for 4-6 weeks and people got excited for more? What if you could run it for 4-6 weeks every 2 or 3 months and have your kids experience deeper level discipleship than you can accomplish on just Sunday morning?

All this is possible with BOLT! You could get the Large Group/Small Group Planbooks, the BOLT Bible Take Home pages and get 3 different Leader Life Skills Training Guides. Make sure each kid gets a corresponding Kid’s Life Skills Training Guide! The Life Skills program invites kids to learn life skills like baking, candle making, secret codes, soccer, wood projects or design. This helps kids develop interests that can connect them with the larger world and give them opportunities to connect with a world that needs to know Christ. You could run an awesome 4-6 week club for kids, just like a park district might have, but that would reach kids with the gospel and attract new families from your community to your church.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to BOLT!

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