Evaluating your Pioneer Clubs year with your co-leader and coordinator is always important, but have you considered asking your club members what they think? Who better to tell you how club went than the kids who were experiencing it?

Kids can surprise you with their insights. Providing input also helps build a sense of cooperation between you and your club members. As they come up with ideas and help solve problems, they begin to realize that each person’s contributions are valuable.

Getting Answers

We’ve provided you with a short questionnaire for club members to fill out. Try handing it out during a snack time or all-club opening time. Discuss the questions together to make sure everyone understands them. Encourage club members to write their own answers, though, so you don’t get all the same responses.

If you lead Scooters, read the questions aloud, have kids call out their answers, and you write them down.

Sharing Answers

It’s important to share the feedback you receive with these individuals or groups.

  • Co-leaders. Talk over club members’ answers with your co-leader as you evaluate the year together. If you plan to lead the same club group next year, discuss what club members indicated they would do differently or leave the same. This will help you decide what adjustments to make. If you won’t be leading the same club, leave the questionnaires with your club materials for the next leaders to look over.
  • Staff evaluation meeting. Bring the questionnaires to an all-staff evaluation meeting. Read answers to the first two questions. Other leaders will be encouraged as they hear what kids are learning about God in club. Plus they might just share a laugh at some of the humorous responses.
  • Coordinator. Your coordinator will be interested in club members’ answers, especially to the last two questions. He or she can help you decide what changes to make in club next year.
  • Congregation. This is a great opportunity to let your church see the benefits of the Pioneer Clubs program. Consider printing some answers to the first two questions in the bulletin. Or make a bulletin board that says, “What We Love About Pioneer Clubs.” Record kids as they take turns reading one of their answers. Then you can play the recording or video in a church service.

Whatever you decide to do, look for some input from your club members this year. You may be surprised and delighted by what you hear.

CLICK HERE to Download the Questionnaire