You can have a mini special event each time you hand out the awards they have earned. Adding even one simple, special feature to the presentation can make it a winner in kids’ eyes.

Award Presentation after Each Unit

Your leader plan book suggests giving awards at the end of each unit for immediate reinforcement. Allow a few minutes during each fourth meeting of a unit.


  • Add a guest(s) – Your leader plan book has ideas: parents, the pastor, the whole family, your club prayer pal. Let the guest hand out the awards. Or have the guest clap for the club members and pray for them.
  • Make a display – If club members have made projects for an award, set them out for guests to see.
  • Add a snack – Serve something quick and easy after the presentation, such as cookies or popcorn.
  • Use a giveaway – Fast food becomes more fun with a giveaway toy. Why not apply the principle to your awards? Try handing the club members a Pioneer Clubs balloon or pencil with their awards. Or how about a Dove bar that stands for “Definitely One Victorious Effort!”

Part of a Catch-Up Meeting

If many club members need to make up award work to finish their awards, plan a catch-up meeting as a fifth meeting for your unit. You could make it a “ketchup” meeting and serve snacks that take ketchup, like French fries. Have your award presentation at the end.

Bigger Ceremony

Consider asking your pastor if you can have some time during a church service for a big awards presentation once or twice a year. Ideas:

  • Print names – Print children’s names and awards earned in the church bulletin or on the website.
  • Add affirmations – Write a note for each child that says, “I noticed (a positive quality) in (child’s name) as he/she worked on the awards.” Read it for the congregation as you hand the club member the awards earned. Then give it to the child to take home.
  • Perform – If club members have practiced something (skit, song, verse, etc.) for an award, perform it for the congregation. This lets the kids shine and lets the church see what they’re learning. If none of the awards included something like this (how many songs would be in the Woodworking award, after all?), help club members make up a skit ahead of time that tells something about what they learned.
  • Show pictures – Take pictures or video of the club members working on the awards, and show this before you hand out the awards.

Adding a special touch—big or small–to each award presentation can make awards even more memorable for your club members.