• As you meet your new club members, work on learning names quickly. Let each child know you’re glad he or she is in club.
  • Consider starting a “cheat sheet” of facts and information about club members you don’t know yet. For instance, if a new girl says she’s worried about meeting new friends or a boy says he is looking forward to visiting family during the holidays, jot those things down so you can ask about them in the coming weeks.
  • Plan a simple theme meeting early on to keep the fun of the kickoff event going. Choose something you don’t have to do any planning for, such as Crazy Hats or Crazy Hair. Let kids come to club dressed accordingly.
  • Recruit a “picture taker” to attend club now and then and take photos that you can use later on for activities or memorabilia.
  • Begin praying for your kids.


  • Conduct leader training.
  • Announce club in Sunday school and church services.
  • Inform parents of club goals, registration details and kickoff plans.
  • Put announcements in the church bulletin, newsletter and website.
  • Arrange for the setup of club rooms.
  • Finalize kickoff plans.
  • Be sure to renew your membership for club. You can renew at www.pioneerclubs.org/resources/membership/ or by calling 1-800-694-CLUB (2582).
  • Assign Pals to club members.
  • Add your club leaders to the church prayer list.
  • Make sure each leader and committee member is signed up for the free monthly eNewsletter (see www.pioneerclubs.org).