Need ideas on how your club can give to support getting DELTA translated into Spanish? When we went to Cuba, and gave them our Spanish curriculum they were overjoyed. Most had never had a curriculum they could use to do a club or teach Sunday school. Can you imagine doing children’s ministry with so little? Please join us in raising money to meet this significant need to provide curriculum. We are hoping to raise $150,000 to translate our new DELTA curriculum into Spanish. This will allow us to reach at least 6,000 kids in Cuba. Can you imagine how you could change a whole country by sharing Jesus with the next generation? And there are needs in Mexico and Central America that we can meet once the translation work is complete.

If this is something that you want your club to be part of to help declare God’s name in all the earth, here are some fun ideas that you could use to raise money. Just remember that the first part of “fundraising” is “fun”!

60 Envelope Adventure: Have a poster with envelopes labeled 1-60. Have the kids decorate a poster about what you are raising money for and attach the envelopes to the edges and hang up in the church. Have kids/parents/members of the church bring in money to match the number listed on the envelope. One person brings in 1 dollar, another 43, another 8, etc. Celebrate when all the envelopes have been turned in with a Pinata at club.

Incredible Coin Drive: Have kids participate in a coin drive. If your club is broken up age-specifically, have the different age groups see who can bring in the most amount of coins. If the group is not broken up age-specifically, have the kids see whether boys or girls can bring in the most. Have the coin drive over multiple weeks and show your progress on a graph. When you are done with the drive, celebrate by playing limbo with Mexican music.

Amazing Ornaments Make-A-Thon: Around Christmas time, during the activity times for a few weeks, have kids decorate and make ornaments. Have a sale to sell the ornaments that they have made. When the sale is completed, celebrate with a Mexican hot chocolate party for the kids.

Frisbee Golf Tournament: Turn this popular outdoor competition into a great fundraiser by collecting entrance fees.

Talent Show: Encourage participants to show off their talents for a great cause—helping kids in Cuba learn about Jesus! Choose a location and organize a roster of acts. Invite parents, church members and friends to attend. Charge an admission fee (making sure that they know it’s going for a good cause) and earn extra cash by having a concession stand. Or couple it with a bake sale and have church members donate baked goods.

Treasure Chest: Fill a chest with donated prizes and for a set donation price (50 cents/$1), give out keys to open the chest and pick out a prize.

Trivia Bowl: Cater to everyone’s competitive spirit and raise money at the same time! Charge a flat fee for people to participate. Create both individual and team challenges, and if you make it a family event, a special round for kids.

Church Carnival: Provide games and entertainment with all proceeds benefitting the translation project in Cuba and also other church missions. Couple it with a bake sale and a dunk tank idea for extra fun! You can sell carnival sponsorships of individual events to local businesses to add their name or logo to signs and promotions.