Dress-Up Relay

Age-Group: Grade 1+
Number of Players: 4+ kids, 2 adults

Recruit two brave adults to be dressed up. Line children up in two teams. Adults sit opposite their teams. Have a bowl next to each adult filled with instructions on separate slips of paper: Put on lipstick; Put on clip earrings; Put curlers in hair; Put face cream all over face; Brush teeth (use dry toothbrush); Put on scarf (feather boa, necklaces, etc.); Give drink of water (label a cup of water “Give a drink”); Pour water on head and wash hair (label a small cup of water “Wash hair”). Put a set of supplies by each woman volunteer.

NOTE: Switch to “male” activities for men who volunteer (put on shaving lotion, comb hair, put on tie, etc.) Put a set of supplies by each man volunteer.

On “Go,” the first player on each team runs to the adult, picks a slip of paper, does what it says and runs back to tag the next player. If you have small teams, have players rerun the race as many times as needed until all the slips are used up.

Giant Bowling

Age-Group: K and up
Number of Players: any

Chalk a large triangle on the ground. Put 6 large balls in the triangle. Players take turns rolling another large ball, trying to knock balls out of the triangle. They get points for the number of balls they knock out.

Squirt Tag

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: 4+

The person who’s IT has a spray bottle of water. When players are squirted, they’re frozen until someone else unfreezes them.