Leaf Blowing Race

Age-Group: Pre-K+
Number of Players: 2+

Give each player a leaf and a straw. Have players stand behind one line and create a finish line. Players will have to move their leaf from one line to the other by blowing it using the straw. They may not touch the leaf while they are racing.

Corn Husking Relay

Age-Group: K+
Number of Players: Any

Divide players into two teams and create a starting line. Place an equal number of ears of corn on a table for each team. There should be one ear of corn per player. Each player will run to the table, grab one ear of corn and husk it. Once they have shucked the corn, they will run back to their team to tag the next player. Continue until all the corn has been shucked. Consider cooking the corn so that everyone can eat corn on the cob!

Leaf Pile Race

Age-Group: Any
Number of Players: Any

You will need plenty of autumn leaves in a yard for this game. Place two (or more) hula hoops and make sure that they have no leaves in them to start. Kids will have a certain amount of time to pick up or rake all the leaves into those hula hoops. Consider dividing kids into teams based on the color of the hula hoops. The goal is to have the most amount of leaves in your hula hoop when time runs out.

This game could also make a great service project for someone in your community or for your church.

Left & Right

Age-Group: Grade 2+
Number of Players: 6+

Ahead of time, make up a pumpkin-themed story that uses lots of the words “left” and “right,” but not always in the same order: Right after school, the Davis family left for the pumpkin patch right across the street. Dad’s money was in his right hand as they left their front door.

Have club members sit in a circle. Give one or two of them a small pumpkin. Read the story quickly, having the kids start passing the pumpkin to the right or left when they hear the corresponding words.