It’s March and, if you run club to coincide with the school year, soon club will be done for the year. Before your Pioneer Clubs year is over, consider planning an end-of-year award ceremony before the entire church, in an evening or midweek service, or at a program or party during club.

Why is it a good idea to have an end-of-year award ceremony?

Presenting Bible awards and activity awards and celebrating children’s achievements is positive reinforcement for club members. Also, by honoring children in front of the congregation, you can achieve greater exposure for your club program.

What should an end-of-year award ceremony include?

Be sure that your award ceremony includes a brief explanation of Pioneer Clubs’ philosophy of achievement awards. The awards develop life skills, build self-esteem, increase club members’ appreciation for their own and others’ uniqueness and promote cooperation and teamwork, not competition.

Present the awards by announcing the club group and the ages it represents. Introduce the leaders, and present them with service certificates. Announce the awards already handed out during the club year and then hand out the awards earned in the most recent unit.

What if we only have 10 minutes or less for a presentation?

If your church doesn’t have a lot of time during the service for an award ceremony, you can still include a brief recognition time for your club. Here are a few ideas:

  • Coordinator presentation. Have the club coordinator tell about the number and ages of club members, service projects, neighborhood outreach and specific activities clubs have done. Have club members stand with the coordinator as he or she speaks so that the congregation can recognize the club members.
  • Honors and awards. Thank club leaders and committee members for years of service by presenting them with certificates or pins. Recognize club members that have achieved the
  • Highest Honor Award. Consider making the pastor and other church staff honorary members by giving them Pioneer Clubs T-shirts.
  • Recognition. Have leaders, committee members, club members, and Pals stand for recognition. Consider having club “alumni” stand to indicate the past ministry of Pioneer Clubs.
  • Testimony. Have club members or leaders share with the congregation what participation in club means to them.
  • Offering. Take an offering to go toward the support of the national Pioneer Clubs ministry. Explain to church members how their support of the national ministry will help local clubs.
  • Songs. Have club members teach a song from club or have them sing the “Thy Word” Pioneer Clubs theme song.