This past month Pioneer Clubs’ president, Brian Ondracek, had the opportunity to travel to Cuba to meet with the leaders of an evangelical denomination intent on reaching children and youth in their country for Christ. This group of churches currently minister to children by tutoring them academically. But their desire is to focus more of their ministry to children on evangelism and discipleship—yet children’s ministry resources are simply not available to them for this purpose. After meeting with key leaders and reviewing Pioneer Clubs’ Spanish curriculum with them, our ministry has the opportunity to partner with scores of churches throughout Cuba to reach children for Christ.

It is our goal to form a long-term children’s ministry partnership in Cuba that will exist for years to come. In our first year our goal is to:

  1. Host a children’s ministry conference in Havana this coming summer to train 40-50 people. This conference will lay a solid groundwork for ongoing children’s ministry and provide specific training in using Pioneer Clubs curriculum.
  2. Provide the churches that attend the children’s conference with the resources needed to hold a Pioneer Clubs program in their community. We anticipate that material and resources for up to 500 children may be required.
  3. Identify key children’s ministry leaders in Cuba who can eventually provide leadership to churches in the years to come.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, we will need the support of both churches and individuals to provide the funding to meet these goals. In the next few weeks you will be receiving more information as to how your club can join with us to reach kids in Cuba for Christ. In the meantime, please invite your leaders and club members to begin praying for the children in Cuba, for us as we finalize plans for this summer, and for how you might be able to partner with us financially.