This summer Pioneer Clubs will be heading to Cuba to help churches their reach children for Christ. The support of your club and many others will help us:

  1. Train 40-50 children’s ministry leaders in Havana by sponsoring a children’s ministry conference. This conference will provide a solid groundwork for ongoing children’s ministry and provide specific training in using Pioneer Clubs curriculum.
  2. Provide churches in Cuba with the resources they need to establish a Pioneer Clubs program in various communities throughout Cuba. We plan to supply material and resources for 500 children—and more may be required.
  3. Identify key children’s ministry leaders in Cuba who can eventually provide leadership to churches in the years to come.

We need the support of both churches and individuals to fund this initiative and meet these goals. Please consider holding a fundraising event to help us make this a reality.  Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Look for an email in the next few weeks with further information.