We know that finding volunteers for your Pioneer Clubs ministry can be tough. So … here are some tips to get you started.

10 Ways to Find Club Leaders

Try these fall recruiting tips for the new club year

While we know you’ve been praying for all your volunteers and the few spots you may need to fill, we hope a few of these ideas may help you out.

1  Go on Display.

Set up a display of club materials, pictures and personal stories from club leaders with a drawing for a club shirt for everyone who signs an interest card. Have club leaders wear their club shirts and answer questions. Let current leaders be your best advertisement.


2   Get in the Picture.

Put up a bulletin board for the congregation to see. Include:

  • club age levels you’re running
  • pictures of leaders
  • a little information on the leaders, such as quotes telling why they’re involved in Pioneer Clubs
  • a mirror with a sign that says, “Put yourself in the Pioneer Clubs picture!”
 This bulletin board can give recognition to current leaders and also encourage new people to volunteer.


3   Involve Parents.

Come right out and personally ask parents to help. They may not volunteer if you don’t present the need. Ideas:

  • When a Bible Exploration calls for someone to play a Bible character, recruit a parent.
  • Have a “room parent” system. Recruit one parent to be the “room parent” coordinator.
  • Send home a Parent Questionnaire (see How to Run & Promote a Successful Club Program, Item #2701) to ask how parents would be willing to help in club.


4  Get Referrals.

Ask continuing leaders to suggest people they would like to work with. Have them come with you when you talk with the people they recommend.


5  Bring Them Back.

Recruit former club leaders whose life situations may have changed so that they’re free to volunteer again. Check Sunday school lists for former teachers who might be looking for a new challenge.


6  Tap into Youth.

Ask senior high youth leaders for recommendations of teens who would be great as assistant leaders.


7  Don’t Plead.

If you beg for leaders, your club program will seem weak and ineffective. Try a positive, empowering approach: “I believe you would make an excellent Pioneer Clubs leader. Here’s why….”


8  Don’t Assume.

You may be tempted to second-guess whether someone will say yes or no to being a leader. Don’t! Instead, just ask. Remember that it’s a privilege to invite people to join God’s work.


9  Be Personal.

Recruit one-on-one, in a relaxed atmosphere. Have the potential leaders out for coffee. Have a job description and sample curriculum available for the person to review. Show some club pictures. Ask the person to pray about his or her decision. You pray, too! Follow up in a few days for an answer.


10  Get Excited!

Most of all … get excited! Nothing is more contagious than enthusiasm.  Cast a vision for your Pioneer Clubs program and invite others to be a part of it.

If you are still looking for more recruiting ideas … check out the How to Run & Promote a Successful Club Program book (Item #2701).